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Demon Slayer Shion APK (EN-Uncen) 2023 for Android Free Download

App By:
7th Door
Updated On:
Nov 20, 2023
1.69 GB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Demon Slayer Shion APK Shion and her fellow Demon Slayers must venture into a mysterious cavern where one of their own has disappeared, facing unknown terrors to locate and save their missing comrade. What dangers or creatures could lurk in the depths of the otherworldly grotto? Their mission will test the limits of their courage and skills.

About Demon Slayer Shion APK

After reports surface of the disappearance of renowned Demon Slayer Ayano Senjuin, a search party was assembled to look into her whereabouts. Eventually, even the search party vanished without a trace. Hearing this news, elite Demon Slayer Shion Rokujou swiftly embarked on a solo mission to find Ayano and the missing search party.

Will Shion be able to locate Ayano and her companions? Will she too meet the same end? And what sorts of sinister beasts will Shion confront within those ominous caverns?

Gameplay Overview of Demon Slayer Shion Game

Battle your way through the various zones of this intricate otherworldly cavern while monitoring your exposure to its toxic liquids and gases. If poison builds up too much within you, return to the base and use the detoxifier to purge the venom from your body.

As you explore, you will discover other Demon Hunters who have also gone missing in the cave. Freeing them earns various rewards, Spirit Energy and abilities. Spirit Energy permits gaining new skills and techniques, and also serves as currency among Demon Hunters.

Your decisions and actions during your quest will lead to distinct conclusions, so proceed with care!

[Orgasm Anywhere System]

Doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. In battle or not. Shlick shlick shliiick.

You can relieve yourself anywhere, anytime. If their are comrades nearby, lesbian fun awaits!

[Lewdness Level & Estrus Parameters System]

The higher your Lewd level becomes, the more erotic and perverted things you can do.

It also changes how the others interact with you at base camp and how you act as well.

[Base Camp “Toxin Release” & Powering Up]

At certain points in the dungeon, you can return to base camp to have the “Toxins” that have built up within you “Released” You can also purchase tools, and learn new skills, spells, and techniques.

[All Traps and Enemy Attacks are… EROTIC!]

The enemy wishes to corrupt you with pleasure and turn you into a lewd seedbed.

So, of course, all the traps, and all the enemies, are erotic in nature.