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v1.0 [Final]
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Nov 19, 2023
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Android 5.0+

Magic Contract APK - Ahma and Philly, childhood friends but less than lovers, are suddenly confronted by the powerful Shimical.

The two are noticed, and in order to get a recommendation to join a guild in the city,

they challenge Shimical to a game he proposes.

However, the game is played on the condition that if Ahma loses, he will give Philly to his mistress.

Can Ahma win the game and protect her future and Philly?​

About Magic Contract

Cute RPG game Create a wonderful world of adventure and romance.

Welcome to the wonderful world of adventure and romance. Here ghosts and mounts will have adventures with you. You can also meet cute partners. Traveling on adventures will not be lonely.

[Discover love freely True love has no limits]

I heard that the lucky ones stepped into the wedding chapel. You will receive a blessing from the spirit master of love!

Open wedding ceremony mode After marriage, you will be able to increase your marriage status. Get huge status bonuses You can also organize a romantic wedding ceremony with your loved one!

[The cutest child-rearing system. Take Baby on an Adventure Together]

in the magical world Baby it will give you an advantage while fighting. Let your baby join the adventure together.

[Turn into a cool robot. No enemies]

Cool transforming divine weapons, classic mode, bracelets help increase the hero's fighting power.

The skill must kill and wipe out the entire scene. Experience the most exciting monster-wiping experience.

[Luxury fashion system Dress up in cute clothes freely as you wish]

Excellent fashion outfit The charm is not lost on anyone. Create your unique identity


Simical, a powerful man, suddenly appears in front of Ahuma and Fili, who are childhood friends but less than lovers.

The two were noticed and decided to take on a battle proposed by Simical in order to receive a recommendation to join a guild in the city.

However, the game ends up being played with the condition that if he loses, he will give Philly to his girlfriend's lover.

Will Afuma be able to win the battle and protect the future and Philly?

Magic Contract APK