Download Rainbow Six SMOL APK (NETFLIX) for Android & iOS

App By:
Netflix, Inc.
v1.0 For Android
Updated On:
Feb 28, 2024
253 MB
Required Android:
8.0 and up

Rainbow Six SMOL APK is a top-down mobile game set in a cute Rainbow Six universe with fast-paced missions, destructible environments, and diverse operators for all gamers.

Overview of Rainbow Six Siege SMOL

Developed exclusively for Netflix members, Rainbow Six SMOL offers a unique blend of strategy and action. Choose from a pool of operators, each with their weapons and abilities, and lead them through diverse missions. Destroyable environments, procedurally generated stages, and 5 distinct game modes offer countless replayability. While the game's lighthearted visuals may propose otherwise, SMOL demands tactical thinking and teamwork to conquer cunning enemies and tough goals.

NETFLIX Membership required

Defuse bombs, free hostages and crush enemies in this fast-paced rougelite shooter based on Tom Clancy's popular "Rainbow Six" franchise. Assemble the best squad, save the world of Smol!

You've just joined Rainbow as a Recruit, and your mission is to kick the doors down and deal with cultists. Liberate the world of Smol from the mysterious threat that looms over it, and find a way to get your teammates back home.

Destroy all the things

To complete your missions, you can be stealthy and take down your targets with only a few bullets. Or you can use the full might of your squad to level entire buildings. The choice is yours — but either way it'd be a shame not to take advantage of these gorgeously designed, yet completely destructible, environments.

Engage in squad-based tactical awesomeness

You won't be alone on your journey, as you'll get to assemble unique squads of Rainbow Operators, each equipped with their own special abilities.

Will you forge your way to the objective with Sledge, or recon your path around enemies and traps with Valkyrie? It's up to you to choose your team and play style.

Unlock new content

Go on Operations and complete objectives to unlock new operators, new gear and recruit classes, tactical patches or the enigmatic Books of Power, and become an unstoppable force of pure tactical might.

This game features tons of missions, hundreds of fearsome enemies and an infinite number of disposable Recruits. Perfect for hours of fun and destruction.

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