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Shinobi Girl Mini Mobile APK 2023 for Android Free Download

App By:
Shinobi Girl Mini Inc.
v1.05 (Latest)
Updated On:
Nov 17, 2023
13.6 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Shinobi Girl Mini Mobile APK is a fast-paced action arcade game where players take control of a nimble ninja girl battling hordes of nefarious monsters. Players must swiftly slash through waves of enemies using an arsenal of stealthy skills and supernatural abilities while carefully navigating treacherous levels filled with dangers around every corner.

About Shinobi Girl Mini

Shinobi Girl Mini is an excellent action arcade game. It features gorgeous 2D pixelated graphics with thrilling gameplay. In the game, you take the role of a Shinobi Girl, a ninja, battling various creatures that cross her path. As you progress through the gameplay, the game becomes increasingly challenging. So, the game allows you to hone your skills and abilities and upgrade your equipment to fight more formidable foes in the game.

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Shinobi Girl is a fun game where you control cute ninjas fighting each other in different levels. The main character is a girl ninja named Kisaragi who wants to save some women who have been captured and turned into toys for men. You can choose from different characters with unique skills and weapons, and even create your own ninja warrior. Play as your character and fight in the world of Shinobi Girl!

Certain scenes may not be suitable for players of all ages. So, you must check the age rating before playing the game. Additionally, the game has many features to keep you engaged for hours.

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Game Modes – Free download Shinobi Girl Mini APK for Android

Shinobi Girl Mini offers several exciting game modes to provide diverse gameplay experiences:

Story Mode: Engage in an immersive narrative where players follow the journey of the shinobi girl through a series of challenging levels. Uncover the secrets of the ninja world, confront powerful adversaries, and unravel the main storyline.

Time Attack Mode: Test your speed and skills in this mode, where the goal is to complete levels as quickly as possible. Compete against the clock and strive to achieve the best time on the leaderboard.

Survival Mode: Face endless waves of enemies and survive for as long as possible. Each wave becomes progressively more difficult, requiring you to showcase your combat prowess and strategic abilities to stay alive.

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Challenge Mode: Take on specific challenges and overcome unique obstacles in this mode. It could involve defeating a boss within a time limit, completing a level without taking damage, or achieving specific objectives. These challenges offer exciting gameplay variations and reward players with special bonuses or unlocks.

Multiplayer Mode: Engage in thrilling multiplayer battles with friends or players online. Compete head-to-head or team up in cooperative modes to test your skills against other shinobi warriors.

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Features of Shinobi Girl Mini for Latest Version


You will experience an adventurous journey in the game. You will control the Shinobi Girl, who has to fight the enemies and obstacles coming her way while improving her skills and ability. A little mistake will make your enemies take advantage of you.

Powerful Enemies

The game includes different types of enemies and obstacles for Shinobi Girl. You can see snakes-like creatures and ball-shaped monsters that can turn you down if they get you. They can do a lot of things with your character. So, be careful.

Movement in the game

You can jump, walk, run, kick and do other moves easily thanks to Shinobi Girl Mini's smooth animations.

It has a button-shaped control panel, making it easy to move your character and perform attacks. You can even customize its size and position based on your preferences.

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The 2D graphics and animations make Shinobi Girl Mini APK an engaging and realistic game. The characters move continuously through each level, executing your commands accurately.


While fighting a lot of enemies and clearing obstacles, your character will grow her abilities and skills. So, you can upgrade your character’s skills, abilities, and even equipment. And this will help you to beat formidable enemies.

Easy Controls

The game has easy controls that anyone can understand effortlessly. You can move your character left and right with the Left and Right keys. Use the Down button for crouching, Attack to attack your enemies, and Jump to jump in the game.

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