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Syahata A Bad Day APK [Beta v0.79] 2023 for Android Free Download

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beta v0.79 for Android
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Sep 18, 2023
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5.0 and up

Syahata A Bad Day APK Android Adult Game Latest Version Free Download

Hello, we are creating adult games (18+) for everyone. If you feel generous, leave a contribution and support us, it's very important.\

JaShinn Games released a new game called Syahata a bad day and the version is 0.33. The game’s story is about Syahata a bad day is a 2D pixel side-scrolling game. You need to control the protagonist to escape from the place full of zombies and finally reach the shelter. If caught accidentally, indescribable things will happen.(;´д`)ゞ It’s in early beta right now, let me know if you have any ideas.​

Syahata had a bad day. It all started when he woke up late and realized he had missed his morning class. He was already running late and had to rush to his next class, but he couldn't find his books. After searching for a few minutes, he finally found them and made it to class just in time. 

Once he got to class, Syahata realized he had left his laptop at home. Without it, he couldn't take notes or do the needed assignments. He was so frustrated he wanted to just leave and go back home. 

When Syahata finally got home, he was exhausted and still feeling down. He tried to take a nap but couldn't find the energy to do so. He was so overwhelmed and frustrated by the events of the day that he couldn't focus on anything else. 

Syahata decided to take a break and play his favorite game, Syahata A Bad Day APK. He had downloaded the game a few days ago and couldn't wait to try it out. As he played, he slowly felt his mood improving. Syahata was able to take his mind off his bad day and relax as he played. 

Syahata eventually finished the game and felt much better. He was able to forget about his bad day and instead focus on the accomplishment of finishing the game. In the end, Syahata A Bad Day APK was just what he needed to put his day in perspective and move forward.


There are Chinese, Japanese, and English in the game, but machine translation is  used for English.

  • The game over animation has not been added yet, it is currently a black screen.
  • Play time about 20 minutes
  • For the control method, please see the txt file in the folder

Known bugs:

  • Attacking flies may be judged as misses.
  • Starting a new game will inherit the state.

About Syahata A Bad Day APK

Choose one of the three heroes Lumina, Blaze, or Spark to save A Bad Day. Each character needs a different set of skills to win. Lumina can dodge enemy attacks by throwing fireballs that burst into flames and bounce off shiny surfaces. Players must pick up power-ups to help them get through the game. Some of these are getting health, extra time, and extra lives.

Features of Syahata A Bad Day APK

Pixel art graphics

With its unique world made of pixel art and smooth animation, Syahata: A Bad Day is a game that gets lost in itself. Not only that, but the colour palette has been tweaked to give the best classic 2D side scrolling experience.

Challenging game

Control your character in levels that get harder while using platforms, ropes, and ladders to avoid zombies and get to higher levels. Even the most experienced players will find it hard to handle stressful situations.

Different weapons

Collect coins along the way to buy powerful weapons like swords, guns, grenades, and rocket launchers to fight off dangerous zombies. Use the skill points you earn to make your character better in battle.

Lots of characters, different outfits

You can play as different characters with different skills, and you can unlock different outfits to change how they look even more. Choose carefully because each outfit has stats that can change how you deal with obstacles or fight enemies.

Many mysteries

Explore beautiful places like haunted castles, old forests, and dark alleys to get over a bad day. Each level has fun new challenges that will push you to your limits while you enjoy the beautiful graphics that look like they were made in the past.

Key Features

  • Free to Download.
  • No registration required.
  • Easy to use.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • No Third-party Advertisements.
  • Night Mode.
  • Many more…

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