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App By:
v1.1.0 For Android
Updated On:
Feb 28, 2024
116 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

SandRock Tunnel APK - Let's start the adventure of mining and collecting crypto assets in this game! Join now and gain exciting virtual profits!

About SandRock Tunnel

Sandrock Tunnel game offers relaxed and simple gameplay, while providing opportunities to earn real money through mining crypto assets.

Make Money Playing Casual Games!

In Sandrock Tunnel, you'll have the chance to collect crypto assets and continue mining them! Various crypto assets can be collected in this world, which you can then exchange for real money.

Get started now and experience the thrill of adventure as well as the chance to make attractive profits every step of the way.

Enjoy Casual Games & Make Profits!

Take on the challenge to collect and continue mining crypto assets in the exciting game, Sandrock Tunnel! In this world, you have the opportunity to collect various crypto assets that you can later exchange for real money.

Join now and feel the sensation of adventure and the potential for attractive profits every step of the way.

News and Update !

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Main feature

Unlimited Tunnel Exploration: This game features a variety of tunnels that are dynamic and full of surprises, encouraging players to continue exploring and discovering new things at each level.

Miner Evolution: This feature allows players to upgrade their miner skills, from beginner level to expert, thereby increasing efficiency and speed in mining.

Rare Material Discovery: Players can discover a variety of valuable and rare materials, including precious metals and gemstones that add value and purpose to the game.

Tunnel Management: Players are challenged to manage more than one tunnel at a time, testing their ability to allocate resources and manpower effectively.

Dynamic Environment: SandRock Tunnel offers a constantly changing game environment, including challenges such as gas leaks and hidden traps that make the game even more interesting.

Global Competition: This feature gives players the opportunity to compete with other miners from all over the world, proving their abilities in mining and managing tunnels.

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