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Fomz Camera APK 2023 dla Androida Darmowe pobieranie

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v1.2.4 dla Android
mar 25, 2023

Fomz Camera APK is a camera app for Android phones that provides many useful features like RAW shooting mode, high speed mode, night mode, panorama mode and much more.

About Fomz Camera

Fomz Camera APK is a camera app that gives users a number of professional features for taking photos and making videos. With Fomz Camera APK, users can get the most out of their device's camera to take photos and videos of high quality.

Fomz Camera APK has many great features, such as a professional photography mode, a night photography mode, a wide angle photography mode, a slow motion mode, and many more. Fomz Camera APK also has a function for taking selfies and can be changed to fit the needs of each user.

Fomz Camera APK is also well-liked for how friendly and easy to use its user interface is. This app can run on most Android devices, so users can use Fomz Camera APK on all of their devices and enjoy all of its features.

Fomz is a camera app that adds modern touches to old-fashioned film.

Each camera theme keeps the unique feel of film cameras but adds more meaning and scenes, so there is always a Fomz Film that can fit any event in your life.

[Theme of an artistic movie]

Every camera has a story behind it, and each Fomz camera theme will have its own features and meanings. Every time you shoot, the different ways you can do it will make you feel a different way.

[Classic filter for film]

A collection of classic film filters, where each style is paired with different film grains, time watermarks, light leakage effects, film photo paper, and other imaging effects, so that every time you take a picture, you'll find something new;

[Write down our story]

When you were young, your parents used to write a story about the picture on the back of the photo you developed. Sometimes it's just a special date, sometimes it's a "small diary," and sometimes it's both. All of these are important reminders of that moment in the photo. Fomz kept this "old tradition" on purpose. As long as the back of the photo was turned the wrong way up, he could write a note about it.


  • Professional photography mode: This mode lets users change the brightness, contrast, colour, and white balance of a photo to make it look better.
  • Night photography mode: This mode lets people take pictures when there isn't much light.
  • Wide-angle photography mode: This mode lets you take a picture with a wider angle so that you can fit more into the frame.
  • Slow motion mode: This mode lets users record movies at a slow speed to make slow motion effects that look great.
  • Selfie function: This feature lets people take selfies and change the camera settings to get the best shot.
  • Edit photos and videos:  The app offers built-in photo and video editing features, allowing users to crop, merge, add effects, and colour filters to photos and videos.
  • Share directly to social networks: Users can share photos and videos directly to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Interface that is simple and easy to use: The application's interface is made to be simple and easy to use, so users can easily use and change the camera's settings.
  • Works on Most Android Devices: The Fomz Camera APK app can be used on most Android devices, and its features and stability are praised.