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fev 28, 2024
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GalleryX APK - Photo Gallery app is a fast, lightweight and automatically organizes your photos, videos, albums and makes sharing easy. Photo Gallery is designed as a fully-featured all in one gallery app. It has powerful features like Gallery Vault, photo view, photo edit for seamlessly managing your photo and video albums. It supports all common video formats as well. The app supports almost all standard image and video file types and album formats.

The free gallery app is clean, intuitive and provides ultra-fast access to photos and videos. It features a streamlined mechanism to browse, access and organize your albums efficiently. All your pictures and videos are easily accessible from the main page and also sortable by date, album or other criteria.


GalleryX APK is an application that allows users to organize, view, and share photos and videos on their Android devices. It provides various features and functionalities to streamline the user's photo management experience.

Manages your photos and videos

Infinity Studio LLC developed Gallery, a free utility app that conveniently manages your photos and videos by providing a storage solution. It automatically reflects the media files already stored on your device, so there's no need to transfer or import them.

Note that Gallery needs to be granted permission to read the files on your device in order to manage them properly. You can enable this access when you first open the app. Once granted, the tool will display the photos and videos the same way that the default gallery on your device does.

Gallery App Features

  • Interactive and user-friendly interface.
  • Smart organizer and gallery editor app.
  • Supports all formats of images and videos.
  • Easy video and photo organizer controls.
  • Video player with slow motion and dual audio.
  • Gallery vault with security assistance.
  • Apply HD slideshow effects to your photos.
  • Free gallery app for all worldwide users.
  • Gallery photo and video viewer offline.
  • Handy, compatible, and battery-efficient app.

Key Features

1. Fast and Efficient Photo Management

GalleryX APK offers a seamless and fast browsing experience, allowing users to quickly navigate through their galleries. Users can easily search for specific photos or albums, sort by various criteria, and rearrange their gallery layout to suit their needs.

2. Powerful Photo Viewer

The application provides a powerful and customizable photo viewer, allowing users to adjust various settings to enhance their viewing experience. Users can zoom in and out, switch between landscape and portrait modes, and even add captions or annotations to photos.

3. Advanced Image Editing

GalleryX APK offers a range of photo editing tools, allowing users to enhance and retouch their photos. Users can crop, rotate, adjust brightness, contrast, and other settings, as well as apply filters and effects. The application also provides support for editing videos.

4. Secure and Private Storage

GalleryX APK allows users complete control over the privacy of their photos and videos. Users can create encrypted albums, set passwords, and hide specific photos or albums from the gallery. Additionally, the application offers backup and restore features to safeguard user data.

5. Seamless Sharing and Social Integration

GalleryX APK integrates seamlessly with popular social media platforms, allowing users to easily share their favorite photos and videos with friends and family. The application also supports direct sharing via email, text message, or third-party applications.


GalleryX APK is a powerful and efficient photo management application that offers a range of features and customization options. With its fast browsing, powerful viewer, and advanced editing capabilities, it enables users to organize, view, and share photos with ease. Whether for personal or professional use, GalleryX APK provides a seamless and enjoyable photo experience.

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