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HiEdu Scientific Calculator He-580 Pro Mod Apk 1.0.7 [Paid for free]

HiEdu Scientific Calculator Fx-580 Pro: A simple but powerful calculator that includes standard, science, and programming modes, as well as unit converters, mathematics, physics, and chemistry formulas, charts and solve equations. It is a very useful tool for adding an invoice, converting criteria into a recipe or other project, and solving complex math, algebra, or geometry problems in the classroom.

Key Features:

Scientific calculation

  • It is a scientific calculator that supports most of the functions of real calculators like Casio fx570ms, fx580vna ...
  • Displays natural display entries and fractions as well as some functions (log, x2, x3, x^, ), ", x−1, 10^, e^ , d/dx, Σ, Abs ...) . Written in your textbook.
  • You undo if you missed the error.
  • Save the history, select a count in the list history, and edit it.
  • Favorite Create favorite calculations that speed up the calculations.

Standard calculation

Daily It is an ideal tool for daily calculations. Memory functions like a small handheld computer

The Save History, select a count in the list history and edit it.

Mathematical formula

App This app has over 1000 math formulas and more.

Th You don't have to take notes on paper to memorize math formulas. Just keep all the formulas on your favorite phone.

You will receive very simple formulas that will help you easily understand the data you need.

The formula of physics

The application is a physical guide. Includes most physical formulas for college and university students. Users refer to any physics formulas for their study and work.

This application shows the most popular and advanced formulas in seven categories:

+ Mechanics

+ Electricity

+ Thermal Physics

+ Periodic motion

+ Optics

+ Nuclear physics

+ Continuous

Chemical process

Chemical allows you to detect chemical reactions and solve chemical equations with one or more unfamiliar variables.


  • Convert numbers between different number bases (02/08/10/16).
  • The display shows numbers in binary, hexadecimal, octal, and decimal.
  • Input can be binary, hexadecimal, octahedral, or decimal.

Drawing Cal

  • Functions Easily draw tasks, solve equations, and find specific function points. Solve the equations
  • Degree linear equations for degree one, quadratic equations for two degrees, solid equations for three degrees, equations of a linear system. Converter

Available unit conversions include:

+ Currency (US dollars, cdn dollars, pounds, pesos, etc.)

+ Temperature (temperature, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, etc.)

+ Length (kilometers, miles, meters, yards, feet, etc.)

+ Mass/weight (kilograms, pounds, ounces, tons, stone, etc.)

+ Speed ​​(km / h, miles, nodes, etc.)

+ Area (square kilometers, square miles, acres, acres, etc.)

+ Cooking amount (spoon, spoon, cup, pint, quart, ounce, etc.)

+ Pressure (Kilopasc Skull, Bar, PSI, etc.)

+ Power (Watt, KW, HP, etc.)

+ Energy (Joules, Calories, BTU, etc.)

+ Time (year, month, day, hour, second, etc.)

+ Fuel consumption (miles per gallon, 100 km per liter, etc.)

+ Digital storage (bits, bytes, megabytes, gigabytes, etc.)


+ The layout of the buttons in this application is scientifically rigorous, making math tasks as simple and convenient as possible.

+ The numeric keys and functions in our app are beautifully designed, clear, glare, blurred, and visually resistant.

+ There are many beautiful themes with different styles.

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HiEdu Scientific Calculator He-580 Pro Mod Apk:

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