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App By:
Surfshark B.V.
v3.6.1 For Android
Updated On:
Mar 27, 2024
91 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Surfshark VPN APK is an Android app that can help you improve your online privacy and security. A VPN uses an encrypted tunnel to send all your traffic, which protects it from snoopers and hackers.

Surfshark helps restore control and decide what information to lock down. One of the ways that this app does it, in addition to encryption, is by changing your IP address so that it’s not connected to your identity.

It also boasts a ton of other useful features. A few are CleanWeb™, which blocks ads, trackers, malware, and phishing attempts on the DNS level, and Whitelister™, which allows apps and websites to bypass VPN connection.

Download Surfshark VPN for Android

  • Protect your online payments
  • Stay safe on public Wi-Fi
  • Connect all your devices

Things to love about Surfshark VPN

Kill Switch

If you’re using a virtual private network to avoid censorship and promote freedom of speech, you don’t want any VPN disruptions to leave you unprotected online. Enter Kill Switch. Kill Switch disconnects you from the internet if your VPN connection drops. This way, no sensitive data or personal information is leaked.


Ads are not only annoying but also slow down the internet as they load. Trackers are creating your digital profile for advertising purposes. Malware and phishing pose a direct threat to your well-being. But you can rest a lot easier with our CleanWeb feature that will keep your Android squeaky clean.


A VPN generally protects all internet traffic on your device. However, sometimes you want to protect only specific processes, or maybe exempt them from the VPN. That’s what Bypasser does. Can’t use your banking app with a VPN? Exclude trusted apps and websites from the VPN, but stay protected everywhere else.

Unlimited devices

Buying a different VPN account for each device you want to protect would quickly become financially ruinous. But you don’t need to do that with Surfshark. Connect multiple devices to one account. No need to log out, either — we allow unlimited simultaneous connections.

End-to-end encryption

The key to keeping your data safe from the ISP and other snoopers is encryption. Even if the bad guys managed to intercept your secure VPN transmission, they wouldn’t find anything useful. We use industry-leading AES-256 VPN encryption to protect your sensitive information — no computer system that exists now could crack it in a human lifetime.

No-logs policy

A VPN could record everything you do online as your data passes through its servers. But Surfshark doesn’t! Enjoy true privacy online with our no-activity-logs policy. What you do online is completely up to you. We keep your privacy safe — we don't monitor your activity nor keep any logs.

Features of Surfshark VPN

We offer a free 7-day VPN trial to test out the power of our Security Bundle. Explore all the benefits and features before committing!

Get a new digital identity with Alternative ID:

Generate a brand-new online profile. Get a new email address and personal information. This way, you can keep your true identity under wraps.

Connect & secure the whole household:

No need to count the devices! With a single subscription, you'll get unlimited simultaneous connections. Connect & protect unlimited devices with Surfshark VPN.

Safeguard your data & privacy online:

Your ISP can collect data on your online activity at all times. With a VPN and its end-to-end encryption, your digital footprint remains private.

Surf the digital waves with blazing speeds:

Surfshark offers 3200+ servers in over 100 countries. Use your favorite apps and browse websites lag-free with a secure and fast VPN connection.

Keep your private data only yours:

Surfshark doesn't collect your personal information, online activity, or whereabouts. Our no-logs policy ensures you remain anonymous while using a secure VPN connection.

Stay safe even on public Wi-Fi:

Don't become a victim of identity theft or fraudulent purchases. A VPN connection protects your data & ensures that it's safe even while on public Wi-Fi.

Access internet without censorship:

Regain your internet freedom with a secure VPN. Surfshark offers quick and secure access to blocked or restricted material.

Block ads & malware:

Websites collect info about you & display ads based on your online habits. Surfshark stops those annoying ads & trackers and protects you from malware attacks.

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